Customer Reviews


"I love my StompLight Pro & Pal and perform with them at all my shows!"

- Doug Thompson

"I play out several times a week. I thought I had it all until I discovered StompLight. It has elevated my live shows to new heights and I feel like every show is a Broadway production. I get so many comments about it. I love how it is made, the size and how bright it can be. A truly amazing product."

 - Mike Hynes

"I just got my StompLight. It is awesome"

- Mark Samons

"Awesome lighting, sturdy, EZ setup & very portable. As a solo musician StompLight is a perfect fit for my performance. Highly recommended"

- Russ Kennedy

"StompLights the BOMB!! Keeps me totally LIT while "Rocking" on stage! Compact, portable. club ready. Throw one in your backpack and "Light Up"!!"

- Harold Ohashi

"I couldn’t be more pleased with my Deluxe Pro Bundle.  We just performed outside and it was still light out, but the two StompLights really added cool highlights! I also was pleasantly surprised by how long the battery packs lasted. We even used the lights for tearing down, which was great! Thanks for a great and easy to use product!"

- Chuck Linderkamp

"Got my Sololist a couple weeks ago and use it all the time. It really adds to the show"

- Doug Burns

"My Duo Bundle arrived yesterday and I got her mounted in my pedal board and mic stand today. I gotta tell you, this thing is FAR exceeding my expectations. The quality of the build is absolutely second to none"

Slim “SLIMTRONIC5K” Gillian  

"Used mine for the first time tonite at a solo acoustic gig. Worked fantastic. Extremely cool. Glad I bought it."

- Bill Monach

"I'm involved in pro audio and professonal staging, so I know a quite a bit about production values. StompLight will be a game changer for a lot of performers. This truly is a brilliant idea"

- Natasha Nyxx

"Not only met but exceeded my expectations...thanks for a great and easy to use product"

- Steven Prince

"Very Very Cool. Got great comments from audience"

- Paul Fardella

"Best product that I have used in forever!! Small gigs or large gigs, one musician or 6 this lighting system will save me thousands of dollars and is so easy to set-up and operate"

- Yvonne Gallup

 "Our StompLights worked wonderful this past weekend!  This was my first show using StompLight. You've made a great product - I really love it!"

- Chris Roop  

"We strive to deliver the most entertaining performance possible at every show. StompLight makes our stage appearance polished and professional" 

- Caleb Vilca - Perfect Sequence

"Easy to set up, easy to operate, looks good on stage" 

-Timothy Shegitz

"StompLight is amazing!!! I had the Pal mounted on a boom about waist height and the StompLight Pro pedal on the floor…. dusk background lighting and it kicked ass!!!" 

Uncle SAM -  Savage American Music by Kirby  

"First of all, your pedal rocks!  I was blown away as was one of my bands last night! I will definitely be upgrading and adding more lights. Thanks for lighting up my board and my shows"  

-Steven Enstad

"Your lights work even better than I could've hoped. Fantastic professional ambiance, even in daylight. They reflected beautifully off of the tin ceiling on the outdoor stage we played this weekend. We get quite a few compliments on our lighting from both the staff and customers. Thanks for making a damn good product!"

- Dan Milicevic  

"It's rare to find a new idea these days, especially in the lighting world. Everybody seems to be concentrating on the look of the stage and failing to pay attention to the most important thing, the people making the music. You've managed to personalize lighting, focusing on the performer, whether it may be a band member, a DJ or even just an announcer (even the father of the bride at the wedding toast). Making lighting simple means that more individuals can use them for themselves, stores can use it for rentals without the 9:00pm call of “we can't make these lights work and the shows starting” and making it sturdy enough that it will come back in one piece. The portability and battery pack means any player can have lighting anywhere at any time even where there's no power. The DMX ability makes it compatible with almost any DMX512 lighting rig either as an add on or as a controller  There are way too many applications to get into here, but I think I will be a life saver (or at least a show saver) in the music industry. Your passion shows in your design, execution and your patience." 

- Frank Lendzion  Space Music  

"Greetings from St Louis. My band, Copper Reign had a gig tonight and I had one Pro and one Pal lighting our band. The effect was good and the audience took notice. I also liked the ease of setup. We powered our StompLights using the Power Banks and after our 4.5 hour gig the lights were still on. Breakdown was to simple, with nothing to do but recharge the batteries for the next gig." 

- Tim with Copper Reign

"Used them last night, and they are AWESOME !!!!" 

- Dru Hubbard

"Hi Michael, I just used StompLight for a house party gig and it was great!"

- Joe Delaney, Brand Director, KMC Professional Audio

"The StompLight Pro is one of those great musical products that I didn’t realize I needed until I saw it."

- Bob Thomas   Interactive Guitar Magazine  Read the Review

"My StompLight arrived on Thursday! I must have done something right to deserve such service. At any rate I wanted to comment on the unit itself. I just love it! It’s robust, well thought out and does everything you promise. It’s so incredibly easy and does exactly what I need it to do. I’m thrilled with the product and thank you so much for making it happen!"

- Tom Watson      

 "Got my StompLight right after the NAMM show!  It’s really quite awesome!. I’m gigging 4 to 5 nights a week and I’ve been using it every night!"

- Gonzo AKA Michael Gonzales    

 "At NAMM I was looking for was portable LED stage lighting for my solo shows, which is mostly what I do these days. Everyone knows what a hassle light trees, etc. are, and frankly, the cart is always overloaded. So, I wanted to see what was new and relatively compact. I almost walked right by the StompLight booth but something caught my eye. Wow! What is that? A light in a pedal? Seriously!  After getting the full demo I walked away thinking, that is too cool, I want it. A week later I pulled the trigger and I'm glad I did. The Stompy is simply a small box that adds a BIG AMBIENCE. As soon as I plug it in, I feel like the show has begun. Can't imagine being without it now. Since that time, I've traded in the original one for the new DMX compatible model and I want to add a PAL slave unit soon.  BTW, built like a tank, which is vital since I'm moving gear 3-4 times a week.  GREAT product - thank you Michael and Co!"

- Bob Wade 

"Money well spent, engineering at its best, this thing is bullet proof. If I were to invest in lighting for my style of venue this is the way I’d go again no doubt. And I don’t lug light trees around anymore woo hoo!"

- Eric Stets 

"When I heard about StompLight I immediately thought to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?!" Great idea! For those cover gigs or smaller dates at something less than a "true" music venue or a club where lighting isn't even on their radar (let alone a stage, PA system, etc.), StompLight is a wonderful solution to help draw attention to the music, the performer, etc. while creating some ambiance for the room"

- Chi McClean